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At Hikmah Consulting we partner and support three principle client groups.  This is a part of what makes us unique and reflects our passion of supporting those partners that are making a difference each in their own unique way as well.

Community Organisations


We at Hikmah Consulting place great value on the contribution and work down by the Community and Not-for-Profit Sector. 


One of the principle challenges faced by these organisations is to make themselves sustainable in the long term while retaining their core values and passion for service.


Hikmah Consulting brings a unique expertise and service offering in translating best practice management from the Corporate sector to our partners serving the community.


We help them professionalise their services and organisations without becomeing corporatised in the process

Small & Medium Business


The world is changing at an ever faster rate and this includes both how and who does business.  The opportunities for individuals to bring their dreams and passions to life has never been greater than it is right now.


If you are a new starter wanting to develop a business plan or an established small business struggling with growing pains, we at Hikmah can help.


We can help you put the strategies and structures in place that will enable you to continue to do the things you are passionate about while ensuring the business side of life is well looked after.

Cross Cultural Partners


As the world gets smaller who we do business with and where we do it is changing.


If you currently, or would like to, engage with people across Asia and Middle-East but don't know the cultural imperatives then we can assist you.


If you are local and want to increase your reach into different cultural demographics we can help you network and find the right doors to open.


Our services can range from cross-cultural training for you and your teams through to direct support in dealing with specific cultures or transactions.


At Hikmah we bring a particular expertise and insight into the Middle Eastern and Islamic worlds.

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